Lease Negotiation

Raponi CRES operates a highly focused program of lease restructuring to maximize the income from your real estate.

We can help you to restructure or reposition your leasehold offerings, or reduce the expenses in your leased retail assets.

We offer advice and solutions for many leasehold obligations, including:

  • Lease renewal / termination
  • Rent reduction
  • Sublease

Raponi has saved our clients millions of dollars by successfully mitigating financial obligations relating to their leaseholds and lowering real estate costs. Our experience spans over a decade, having worked on hundreds of leases, landlords and malls coast to coast, with a wide range of differing circumstances.

We bring a deep commitment to every partnership, looking at new and innovative ways to achieve economic and noneconomic success for our clients, using a multi-step process:

  • Meet strategically with the client’s Real Estate managers to identify business needs. Conduct a deep analysis of each lease in the portfolio in a comprehensive, location-by-location manner.
  • Create a model for each lease dependent on specific circumstances, defining the potential advantages for both landlords and tenants.
  • Generate fully comprehensive written proposals, specific to each location, containing the strategy designed in stage 2, ready for delivery to landlords.
  • Presentation and negotiations: to each landlord, negotiate in good faith, report results to the client, and, upon approval, facilitate execution of documents for our client.

Many of our clients are healthy retail and hospitality brands that may be closing underperforming locations or consolidating or streamlining their company, or who are simply focused on lowering their real estate costs.

If you are looking to realize value and have locations that may be candidates for lease restructuring/repositioning, it begins with a preliminary analysis of your portfolio.

Demand more from your real estate. Go beyond cost and risk mitigation.