Commercial Real
Estate Solutions

Lease restructuring and disposition, site identification
and market analysis, portfolio maintenance.

Lease Restructuring and Abatement

Working with retailers to enhance performance at lower performing locations and advice on critical decisions. We offer advice and solutions for many leasehold obligations, including Lease renewal / termination, Rent reduction, Sublease. Raponi has saved our clients millions of dollars by successfully mitigating financial obligations relating to their leaseholds and lowering real estate costs.

Site Identification and
Market Analysis

Matching luxury and lifestyle retailers with the most optimal space in light of business needs an objectives. We use our unsurpassed trade area knowledge to identify the optimal locations and specific sites leveraging our experience, extensive relationships, proven methodologies, and state-of-the-art analytical tools to identify underserved markets. Once those markets are designated, we find sites which fit our clients’ needs, compare those sites and bring the transaction to completion.

Portfolio Maintenance and Optimization

Establishing a plan for locations and developing budgets based on plans, including capital considerations. Develop the vision for your commercial real estate portfolio while delivering significant return on investment (ROI). Portfolio optimization supports stakeholders with signature, fact-based portfolio solutions. Optimize your real estate portfolio to enhance business, workforce, and workplace performance. Unlock opportunities with data driven strategies enabled by business intelligence tools.

Demand more from your real estate. Go beyond cost and risk mitigation.